Rotarian  Steve Riggles was our speaker today to update us on Healthcare Reform.  There are some changes coming up.  All Americans are required to have healthcare insurance or pay a penalty which was 1% of adjusted gross income.  This has increased to 2% for 2015.  Insurance companies will be sending policy holders, with a copy to the IRS,  a 1095 Form that will indicate months of coverage for the year. There are some exemptions from coverage for those whose insurance cost is 8% or higher of their adjusted gross income, live outside the U.S., Native Americans, incarcerated prisoners and members of a healthcare sharing ministry. For 2017, insurance rate formulas will be changing and based on a health questionnaire, age and other factors.  Slated to start in  2018, companies whose employees are paying premiums at a higher rate ($850/month for single; 2292 for family) may be penalized with a 40% excise tax. 
Rotary moments;
  • A GRIT celebration will be held at Creekside Elementary school on Friday, May 29 at 8:40 a.m.  Debbie Fox-Schroeder encourages Rotarians to attend to support the students who have worked hard to earn this award.
  • Mark Olsen asked for help securing prizes, sponsorships and foursomes for the golf tournament coming up on August 7 at the Oaks Golf Course.
  • Tom Hebl is asking for nominations for the Service Above Self awards that will be presented on June 9.  Please send your nominations to Tom by May 12.
  • Donations are being accepted for Nepal relief from the devastating earthquake a few weeks ago.  Rotarians can donate through the district 6250 charitable trust.  Visit their  website for more information.
  • Volunteers helping at farm technology days in August should attend a training.  The first will be May 28 at 7:00 p.m.  For more information, contact Ron Reichers.
  • Bring your money for raffle tickets on Tuesday - there are only a few cards left so your chances of drawing the ace of spades is good!
Have a good weekend.  See you Tuesday.