This week's speaker featured Bishop Nathaniel Mitachi from Dar es Salam Tanzania giving us an update on Hope 2 Other's effort to build a clinic and provide medical support.  One mission of the group is to educate new mother's on newborn resuscitation and provide kits to include hats and booties for newborns.  A number of babies die from hypothermia, especially during the rainy season when temperatures and humidity can cause very cool nights.   Additional land has been donated with a vision to build more clinics and healthcare communities.  Rick Klemp  and his wife, Karen are the founders of Hope 2 Others and happy to share more information about the organization.

Other news

  • The Sun Prairie Fire Department breakfast is this upcoming Sunday.  Steve Riggles is coordinating volunteers.  Even if you aren't volunteering, drop by to show support for the community.
  • More Kwik Trip cards have been ordered so there is plenty in stock.  Don't forget to purchase one or more.  It is a great way to support the Rotary Foundation, who receives 10% of the face value of every card.
  • The Rotary Foundation presented a charitable giving check of $1000 to Bob Power of the Colonial Club to support the nutrition program.  Upgrades to the onsite meal program allow more seniors to access the nutritional meal and it also provides social and educational support for senior adults who may otherwise be isolated.
  • Save the date for the Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 9.