This week we learned about social media from Tony Rodriquez with MadCity Ads.  Tony also works for the Madison School District as the Web Manager.  As we know, social media has exploded over the past few years and provides instant messages to thousands or more people.  Tony encouraged business to take advantage of this relatively free form of communication.  The goal of your messaging should be to build trust and relationships and not to expect immediate sales or business.  Many are actually discouraged by "hard sale" tactics on social media.  If your business has a Facebook page, be sure that it is the appropriate page for a business and not the one designed for an individual.  If you are on Linked In, it is important to have a profile photo so that others can identify you and your connection with your business.He also advises that companies should have an open policy to allow employees to access their social media during work hours as employees are often your best advertising.  If you are interested in learning more about social media, check the website or contact Tony at
Other Rotary Moments:
  • Don't forget to mark your calendar for the Group 6 social on Tuesday, March 10 at 6:00 at Lucky's on the Lake near Lodi.
  • Laurie asked for someone to volunteer to chair the golf tournament this year.  Carl Olson, who has done it the previous few years, is currently on a leave of absence and unavailable.  There are several Rotarians who have offered to be on the committee and help but not chair.
  • We would like to apply for a district grant to match the $5,000 community grant that was awarded to the Patrick Marsh Conservancy.  However, one of the qualifications is that a club have an average of $100 per member annual donation to Every  Rotarian Every Year (which helps fund the district grants).  Our club is currently at an approximate $84/member.  Please consider making your donation this year if you haven't yet. Aaron Oppenheimer is coordinating this program for our club.
  • Rose thanked everyone and gave a wrap up of the pancake breakfast.  The estimate is 480 people attended.  If you haven't paid for your 10 tickets, please do so asap.
Have a good week and see you Tuesday!