The month started off right after a successful pancake breakfast on February 28. Thank you to the many people who helped make this fundraiser a success.
Steve Riggles gave an overview of the Youth Exchange program.  Steve, Toni Pabon and Ann Oberle are the team that coordinates and oversees the Youth Exchange program for Sun Prairie Rotary.  SP Rotary will be welcoming another exchange student this summer and are awaiting more information about the student, such as from  which country he or she will be arriving.Host families living in Sun Prairie are needed, Rotarians and non Rotarians are welcome to apply.
We also heard from Pastor Rayford this past week with information about eliminating the achievement gap and moving minority children forward in a positive way.  Pastor Rayford leads the Faith Place Church in Sun Prairie and is also leading 1800 Days, a grassroots organization that is committed to eliminating the achievement gap in Dane County, through community engagement in 1800 days, one child at a time. This includes distributing information about child development milestones and mentoring young parents.
Hoops for Hope started this week and Dave Berggren is leading this fun activity. 
The next meeting is Tuesday March 29.