Our Club used to support Solar cookers every year with a Rotary group out of California.  Bill Wambach is our lead on this project.

Join me in Africa

From a recent conversation at an SCI project.
“My name is Magreth, and I live in Rau, Tanzania.” 
Q: How many meals and what times of the day do you prepare them? 
“3 meals during the evening, morning and noon time. I cook for 5 people.”
Q: Who cooks and do family members help?
“I myself and my daughter. We cook makande, ugali, rice, beans, vegetables.”
Q: Do you gather your cooking fuel or purchase it?
“I do both. My fuel is maize cobs and maize residues. I also use charcoal and firewood. I spend almost half our family’s money on fuel. I burn a bag of charcoal every day.
Q: Do people in your family suffer from health problems related to the smoke from cooking fires, such as eye irritation and breathing problems? 
Besides improving their health, why is it important to teach Magreth and her neighbors about solar cooking?
Africa’s demand for charcoal is likely to double or triple by 2050 (NY Times). And trees are paying. You can do something about it.

Now more than ever

A recent report from the International Energy Agency found that by 2050 the sun could be the largest source of electricity, ahead of fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear power. 
Solar Cookers International is determined to lead the way. Now is the time to act.
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