The New Life Band from Tanzania presented and performed at the Rotary meeting this week. The band is part of New Life Ministries, which operates a secondary school aiming to improve access to education. They are in the United States for several months to raise money to support a girls hostel for the boarding school in Tanzania.  It was an entertaining and fun meeting.  To learn more about their school and efforts in Tanzania, contact Rotarian Rick Klemp whose Hope 2 Others organization has a partnership with New Life Ministries.
Sue Halambeck introduced that we will be starting an Alternate meeting time for Sun Prairie Rotary.  This meeting was created to meet the needs of members and future members who could not fit a Tuesday morning meeting into their schedule.  The structure of the meeting will be similar to the Tuesday meeting.  Please consider attending and inviting a guest to the first meeting on Wednesday, October 7 at 6:00 p.m. at Buck and Honey's restaurant in Sun Prairie.  If you are interested in being part of the planning or learning more, there will  be a committee meeting on Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. at Colonial Club. There is also an informational handout in the "Downloads" section of the clubrunner homepage.
There is NO regular morning meeting on Tuesday, September 22.  Rotarians will be serving at the Sunshine Supper on Monday, September 28.  This is a change to the date which was previously scheduled for Sept 21.
There is an opportunity to travel to Kenya in January to help with the SOAR Kenya project sponsored by the Waunakee Rotary.  Contact Don Hoffman, leader of the trip, at 608-849-7119, if you are interested in learning more.
Please check the "Events" section on the home page of clubrunner to get more information about upcoming events such as sunshine supper and the Fireman's Breakfast, which will be Sunday, October 11.
Have a great weekend.