Our speaker this week was Dr. Michael Dugan from Exact Sciences in Madison.  Dr. Dugan provided information about Cologuard, a recently FDA approved home test that detects the DNA from precancerous polyps. This test is highly accurate at detecting pre cancers and more cost effective.  Additionally, more people are inclined to perform this test than would for a colonoscopy, the current screening procedure for people over 50.  Medicare reimburses for this test and the company is working with other health insurance plans to provide coverage.  Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths, second only to lung cancer.  
Other Rotary news:
  • Bill Wambach gave an update on the deck being built at Patrick Marsh.  Several Rotarians participated in a work day this past week, in conjunction with youth from Operation Fresh Start.
  • Steve Riggles will be coordinating the fantasy football league this fall.  More information will be at upcoming meetings. The winner receives a Paul Harris Fellow at the end of the season.
  • Jeanne Behrend and Bill Wambach are selling raffle tickets to benefit Patrick Marsh.  See either of them at the next meeting.
  • The Golf tournament is underway on Friday.  Thank you to the Rotarians who sponsored holes, provided prizes and helped at the event.
Have a good weekend and see you Tuesday.