This week we heard from Jay Stock, owner of Woven Journey cards.  Jay highlighted the advantage of using personal and handwritten cards to send to clients.  People are more likely to notice and  read a handwritten note when sorting through the large amounts of mail received each day.  Woven Journey provides custom made cards for non profits to sell and receive a portion of the profits. Sunshine Place has a card designed by Woven Journeys that can be purchased for 27.50 for a set of 10.  The company also hires locally unemployed community members to complete the final touches on the cards.  Contact Peter Curran at Sunshine Place if you would like to know more about their custom designed card, available for purchase.
Other Rotary news:
  • Debbie Fox-Schroeer passed around a sign up sheet for openings at Farm Technology Days.  Check with Debbie to find out how to sign up if you are interested.
  • Mark Olsen reported that the golf tournament is looking good but there are still openings for foursomes and prize donations.  The date is Friday, August 7. If you can't get away during the day, you are welcome to attend the dinner afterwards.
  • Two new prospective members attended.  Remember, talk to your friends and colleagues about the advantages of joining Rotary.  Sue Halambeck also schedules orientations for new and prospective members.  Contact Sue if you know of someone interested in attending.
Have a good weekend. See you Tuesday.