Our speaker for April 21 was Connie from Americorp and who was invited by Dan Presser.  Connie provided information on the service these members provide to sites within the U.S.  It is described as a "Domestic Peace Corp" .  Members are paid a stipend and provide a variety of programs for youth, older adults and people affected by disasters.  Created in 1993 by the Serve America Act, the program has grown to include 250 thousand members with focus on service in education, health, environment, and veterans. Employers are finding the skills learned in Americorp service such as leadership are valuable in the work place.
If you would like more information on Americorps, here are some links to check out:
Below is the link to the video and here is our web page link. 
Other Rotary Moments:
  • Bring your $ on Tuesday, the raffle is up over $800 and only a few cards left  so your chances of picking the Ace of Spades is growing!
  • The golf tournament this year will be at the Oaks in Cottage Grove and scheduled for August 7. Contact Rose Freidel or Mark Olsen if you are interested in helping, playing golf or securing prizes.
  • The Middleton Rotary Golf tournament is June 8 at Blackhawk Country club and a few Sun Prairie Rotarians will be joining the fun.  Contact Jim Mastrangelo if you are interested in learning more.
  • The Sun Prairie Relay for Life is Friday, July 17 and will NOT be overnight.  SP Rotary is serving dinner and organizing a team.  Contact Rich Darga for more information.
  • Mark your calendar for the SPICE banquet which will be Tuesday, May 26 and will start about 830 at the Colonial Club.  This annual event is a celebration of the program with prizes and presentations by the students and school staff.
See you Tuesday!