Evie Hungerford, loaned executive for United Way, gave an overview of the 2014 campaign.  The United Way initiatives include programs that help prisoners successfully return to their communities by providing assistance to find jobs, housing and community support programs.  Schools of Hope focus on helping children succeed in school.  Children that are proficient in reading by 3rd grade demonstrate a higher level of learning throughout the following school years. United Way also sponsors a prescription review for seniors to help identify medicine interactions that could result in injuryor illness.  Volunteers can find more information about volunteer opportunities on Volunteeryourtime.org.
Michele Olsen and Kathy Schumann presented about the Sun Prairie Spirit of Giving program to help buy Christmas gifts for Sun Prairie families.  For more information or to sign up to help a family, go to the Sunshine Place website.  The drop off day is December 10 at the Sunshine Supper building.  This year 1300 families financially qualify for the program.
Other Rotary news:
  • President Laurie asked the members to review her previous sent email with attached proposals so the membership can vote at the next meeting.  Contact Laurie for more information if you need her to resend the proposals.
  • Every Rotarian Every Year campaign is currently in place.  Each Rotarian is asked to donate $100 or what you can afford to Rotary International. District 6250 governor Dave Warren is offering a match of points for anyone who, in the  month of November,  completes the rotary direct form (found on the Rotary International website) for an automatic donation payment.  
  • Thank you to everyone who attended the recognition event at Creekside this past Monday!
Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday!