Last week I announced that the SP Rotary Foundation Board met and identified that there are funds available that we would like to allocate to community service projects. We know that many of you have interests in valuable and worthwhile causes throughout our community and, therefore, would like to be sure that the money we have, and was hard earned by you, is spent towards projects meaningful to our members.  


Please send your suggestions to me, at,  on how we can allocate this money to help those in need.  We are looking for a description of a project or agency with information on how this money will directly impact the community it will serve. The number of requests will determine the amount available for a project, however, a rough estimate is to request between $500 and $2000.  If you have something outside that, feel free to submit it. I have attached the new Foundation funds request form as a helpful tool when looking at what information to include. 
Donation to another Foundation will not be considered. 
Please submit your ideas by December 31 so that we may evaluate if might also be eligible for a district grant. 
As always, thank you for your dedication and hard work to help so many and create a strong community.  
Happy Holidays and stay safe and warm this chilly December!
Laura L. Jennings
SP Foundation President 2016/2017
SP Club President 2013/2014