Posted by Mark Olsen on Jun 27, 2017
I received a call this morning that Orfan Park is not available today because of a power outage.  Apparently a car hit a transformer and took out power to the area last night and it will not be back in time for our picnic.  We could do without electrical power, but it also means that we can not use the bathrooms.  Because of that I decided it was best to move the location of the picnic.
With it being a beautiful day, my wife and I decided to host the picnic at our house.  Our address is 6368 Irving Dr. Sun Prairie.  If you are coming from Hwy 19 you will turn into Gehre's Knoll just across from Gus's Diner.  You will come to a stop sign right away and take a left onto Irving Dr.  Wind around to the back of the neighborhood and our house is on the left hand side (6368 Irving Dr).  It is a tan two story house with a basketball court in the backyard. 
If you could call a couple Rotarians that you are close to and feel may not get the email message that would be great.  Communication is the biggest challenge in a last minute change of location such as this.  Please help me out in this regard and contact a few Rotarians to make sure they are aware of the change.
Thanks a lot and I apologize for the inconvenience!