Nate Pokrass, Foundation and Tournament Director of the American Family/Steve Stricker Golf Tournament was our guest.  Nate gave an overview of the planning for this tournament that will occur June 20-26, 2016 at the University Ridge Golf Course.  This event is attracting local and national attention.  The tournament is for pro golfers aged 50 and older and will  include many well known names.  This is also a charitable event with the proceeds to benefit the American Family Children's Hospital and several additional local non profits.  The Golf Channel will televise the event which will include  a youth clinic, player hospital visits and a hospitality reception before the tournament begins on the 24th. Additional activities are being planned and the goal is to make this an annual event.  For more information, go to and
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Other Rotary news was the annual election of officers.  Below is the information from Julie Marshall.
On December 15, 2015, President Rose Freidel brought to order the annual Sun Prairie Rotary meeting.  The purpose of this meeting was to elect officers for the 2016-17 year beginning on July 1, 2016.  
Aaron Oppenheimer moved and Tom Hebl seconded the unanimous election of Julie Marshall as secretary.
Aaron Oppenheimer moved and Tom Hebl seconded the unanimous election of Jim Mastrangelo as treasurer.   
Josh Kindkeppel serves on the board and will be president in 2017-18 Rotary year.
Aaron Oppenheimer was added to the Board of Directors to fill Barb Trimble's vacated position.  Tom Hebl moved and Sue Halambeck seconded for Aaron to be on the board for the 16-17 Rotary year. 
Tom Hebl moved and Laura Jennings seconded a motion to accept Chad Wiedmeyer on the Rotary board now and presidency in 2018-19.
The annual meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Julie Marshall, Secretary.