Creekside Elementary
G  R  I  T
G= Give it your all
  • Exhibits eagerness to learn
  • Follows directions willingly
  • Puts a strong effort into school work
R= Responsibility
  • Arrives on time and has good attendance
  • Has materials ready for learning
  • Returns to class (from recess, bathroom, etc.) in a timely manner.
I= Initiative
  • Has a positive work ethic
  • Works on own, without constant redirection
  • Completes most homework and class work on time
T= Teamwork
  • Able to work well with others
  • Helps and encourages others
  • Effectively contributes to group/partner work
GRIT is sponsored and paid for by the Business Education Partnership (BEP)  which is a long standing group looking at multiple ways to partner businesses with the schools.
The concept behind GRIT is to help elementary aged children learn valuable habits that will help them succeed not only in school, but in life.  That is why each quarter teachers use the GRIT program to help children focus on working hard, being prepared, showing initiative, and working together with others.  Aspects that will serve them well as students and as successful adults.  
Each quarter the children that show these qualities consistently receive a certificate and something like a folder or pencil.  They shake the hands of several adults.  We have Rotarians that volunteer to go to Creekside Elementary each quarter and help recognize these hard working children.  
One additional thing to note,  If a child is not recognized in a particular quarter, they can work hard in the next quarter and still earn the previous quarter's recognition.  The focus is on growth, not perfection.