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Optional Evening Meeting
Buck & Honey's Restaurant
Jun 15, 2016 6:00 PM
Annual Summer Picnic
Orfan Park
Jun 28, 2016
Optional Evening Meeting
Buck & Honey's Restaurant
Jul 06, 2016 6:00 PM
Relay For Life
Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School
Jul 15, 2016
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Optional Evening Meeting
Buck & Honey's Restaurant
Jul 20, 2016 6:00 PM
Jun 07, 2016
Jun 14, 2016
Jun 21, 2016
Jun 28, 2016
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Arbor Day Tree Planting 2016
Sunshine Supper April 4, 2016
Pancake Breakfast 2016
Kindness Celebration 2016
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Optional Evening Meetings
First and Third Wednesday of each month
6:00 p.m.
Buck & Honey's Restaurant
​804 Liberty Blvd #105,Sun Prairie
Next Meeting:  June 1, 2016
Speaker: Jeff Gauger
Beans n' Cream
Coffee with a Cause
For more information:
Contact Sue Halambeck 

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Tamar Myers
June 1
Heather Jones
June 5
Rich Darga
June 9
Jeff Boudreau
June 15
Brian Brezenski
June 25
Mark Olsen
July 6
Steve Olson
July 6
Deanna Popke
July 13
Katie Herlache
July 23
Rose Freidel
July 27
Join Date
Diana Konkle
June 4, 1996
20 years
Terry Weisensel
June 6, 1995
21 years
Peter Lotowski
June 23, 2015
1 year
Mark Olsen
July 1, 2005
11 years
Joshua Kindkeppel
July 2, 2011
5 years
Rich Darga
July 2, 2011
5 years
Christopher Schmidt
July 7, 2014
2 years
Tyler Riekena
July 7, 2014
2 years
Steven Riggles
July 24, 2004
12 years
Judy Veith
July 29, 2003
13 years

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May 31
Andrew Bissonnette
George Alexander
Judy Veith
Jun 07
Jeff Boudreau
Jeanne Behrend
Bill Wambach
Jun 14
Gale Chase
John Belken
Anne Weber
Jun 21
Rich Darga
James Bell
Terry Weisensel
Jun 28
Jul 05
Debbie Fox-Schroeder
David Berggren
Kelly Whalen
Jul 12
Rose Freidel
Daniel Birrenkott
Chad Wiedmeyer
Jul 19
Fred Geisler
Andrew Bissonnette
George Alexander
Updates from this week
  • There is going to be a GOLF OUTING meeting and a "Wednesday night club" meeting Tuesday, May 31st at 7:00 am.  
    • We will meet in the normal area for these pre-meetings until the SPICE kids come at 8:15 am.  
    • The spice meeting goes until around 9:30.
  • Andy Bisonette is planning a highway clean up on June 4th
  • Chad Weidmeier is taking sign ups for the GRIT program at Creeksude for Thursday, June 2 at 8:30
District Conference 2016
District Conference was fantastic!  We had several of our members attend.  Here are some photos from last weekend:
Lovely Ladies at Tailgate Party
Rotary Youth Exchange with Buckey
Beth and Debbie doing "JUMP AROUND"
Ron Dancing with the students!
The biggest purchase ever in the history of silent auctions at Rotary District conference...Quote from Tom Marshall 
The Rotary Foundation
On Tuesday, Aaron Oppenheimer, talked about the importance of giving to The Rotary Foundation.  Below is a link to see the giving that each club in our District 6250.
Sun Prairie Rotary has given $5,400 YTD and has exceeded our goal for the year.  We currently average $148.19 per capita, meaning on average, our members give $148.19 per year to The Foundation.  This is up 35% compared to 2011-12.  There are 52 active members in our club.  Only 23 members have donated to The Rotary Foundation this year.  
Imagine how much more, club giving could be, if more members gave to The Rotary Foundation...
Sun Prairie Rotary has been fortunate to receive many District Grants in recent years.  This money is made possible by District 6250 Rotarian's giving to The Rotary Foundation. gives ranks The Rotary Foundation 96 out of 100 points:  CLICK HERE for more information.
Did you know that Madison After Hours Rotary Club is a "New Generations" club and they have 30 members.  Their per capita is higher than ours at $175.67.  I would hope that next year, Sun Prairie Rotary can exceed or meet them and raise our per capita to $175.00 for 2016-17.  If they can do it, so can we!
Check out this video about The Rotary Foundation:  CLICK HERE
and the WINNERS are....
Ann Maastricht
Michelle Olsen
Bishop Harold E. Rayford
Abigail Voegeli

Thanks to all!!
Tom Hebl
For more information about Service Above Self Awards
Golf Outing
Rain or Shine the golf outing is on! 
More information coming soon.
The Character Challenge
These two simple words can make a world of difference. Don't create stories or assumptions about what other people are thinking – ask them to have a conversation! Whether you are in need of someone to talk to or you know someone who has a lot on their plate, don't be afraid to pull a friend aside and have an intentional conversation about what's going on.
ROTARY FOUR-WAY TEST “Of the things we Think, Say or Do”
1. Is it the TRUTH?  2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?  4. Will it be BENEFICAL to all concerned?